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Pre-Employment Screening Processes

Employers need to make sure they are hiring the best person for the job, and they really need to make sure they don't hire someone completely wrong for the job.

One popular method of screening job applicants is by looking into every serious applicant's personal background and public history.

These background reports can provide quite a bit of information about someone. They will usually show a lot of a person's history including criminal activity.

Are Employer Checks the Same as Any Other Background Check?
When employers run background screenings, they have some guidelines they need to follow that ordinary citizens do not need to follow.

One of the biggest points of these guidelines is that the person being checked up on must agree to the background screening before it happens.

Can I Try to Run An Employee Search Myself?
Because a landlord or employer is required to adhere to some federal guidelines (which they may not know all about), they should hire a background search company to conduct the entire screening process.

You have a few different services you can choose from. A few of the most popular companies in this field include,, Intelius and Been Verified Services.

Each service is pretty good and they are mostly similar to one another, but their reports will vary.

Not all history reports will have a lot of depth to them, but you should at least get some information which will help you make a hiring or renting decision.

The amount of details that you receive will depend on a few different things, including the person you are looking at and how much you paid.

All basic services will try to get you details about your search subject's past living addresses, legal records, criminal and jail records, marriages, divorces, possibly driving records and basic credit history summary.

Any of these searches are simple to start up. You can get going by visiting one of these companies and then just signing up.

The cost of these searches are fairly low. It doesn't cost these services much to run a search. They hope to turn each new customer into a repeat customer and make their money in volume.







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