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Maybe there is someone in your life that you have some questions about.

People are usually up-front about their past, but they will often keep a few details to themselves.

There are a few different companies that can search through various public record databases and give you a concise report on someone's personal records and history.

Most of these companies have pretty reasonable charges for their different types of searches.

You can select from one of the most commonly used services such as eVerify Company,, Inteligator's Service or eFind Out The Truth. Either one is a popular choice.

What Kind of Information Will You Get From These Services?
The records report you will receive will vary depending upon which service you use, but most of them will contain some of the same basic information. You might see details about past addresses; criminal records and jail time; legal matters; marriage and divorce records; bankruptcies and whatever else the search finds.

Landlords and employers and conduct an advanced report which will include financial details about a person by providing a summary of their credit report.

Some of these companies will get you your report in just a matter of hours. Sometimes even faster.

Who Can I Check On?
People who have ordered searches in the past tend to concentrate in areas such as their new potential boyfriend or girlfriend, someone they are considering going into business with, potential nannies, acquaintances of friends and small business providers.

Personal individuals can check up on whomever they like. They don't have any restrictions as long as they are not acting as a landlord or employer.

These types of reports don't always return a lot of great detail, but sometimes you will learn something important or helpful.

These types of reports are becoming more popular each year. So if you think one of these screenings might help you out, there is no reason to not do it.







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